Choosing A Poker Room

As a poker player, you may have noticed that there are numerous poker rooms to choose from, with each one having its own advantages and disadvantages. It can be difficult for inexperienced players to know which site is best for them. Here are tips for choosing a poker room for your playing needs.

Location of the poker room

If you play online poker in your spare time, then it may not matter where the fun88 ซื้อ poker room is located. However, if you are a professional player and make a living from the game, then location can be a big part of your decision. This is especially true in multi-city poker rooms. There are some sites that are available in multiple cities and to avoid travel, players can play with the same table stakes. However, you want to make sure you are playing at the most profitable table stakes with the most traffic.

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Customer Service

Customer service matters in any situation, but it’s even more critical when you’re a professional poker player and about to spend your hard earned money on a site for an hour or two of your time each day. Evidence shows that when it comes to customer service, the best sites do a better job with professional players. Most of the sites are well known for their customer service skills and although there are times where they make mistakes, they are quickly righted. Conversely, if you get stuck playing a hand late into the night and the site closes down then you may be forced to play with terribly low stakes.


Promotions can either help or hurt your bottom line in fun88 ล่ม poker games. Some sites offer incentives to join their site, such as a $50 cash sign-up bonus. That’s great if you’re a professional poker player and plan on playing for hours each day. However, for inexperienced players just looking to get a couple of games in once in awhile, promotions are not as important. For example, the main benefit from promotions is that they give you an additional $50 or less to play with in the poker games. But when you just want to play a couple of games to keep your skills sharp, $50 is a lot of money and you’re better off finding a site that doesn’t have any promotions.


If you are an experienced player, then the amount of traffic at the poker room can be an important consideration. Generally speaking, the more traffic there is on a site, the more options you’ll have for where to sit at the poker tables and the higher your hourly rate will be.